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Sulfamic Acid
Calcium Phosphate,dibasic
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Formula: CaHPO42H2O  
Appearance:granular(14-60orders)or powdered (through 500 um sieve) crystals in grayish white.
Items Standard
Total phosphor content(P),%(m/m)
16.5 min
Autunite content(Ca),%(m/m) 21.0 min
Fluorin content(F),% 0.18 max
Arsenic content(As),%(m/m) 0.003 max
Lead content(Pb)%(m/m) 0.003 max
Fine level(500um) % (m/m) 95.0 min
The product is widely used as an additive of feed for livestock and domestic fowls and as supplementary of phosphorus and calcium needed by them. Osteomalacia and rickets can be prevented for livestock and fowls by adding it in their feed. The product has Ca/P100, similar to that in skelton of animals. Also, the product can completely dissolve in animal's gastric acid. Therefore, it is easy to enter into the body of animal to take part in the process of metabolism and formulate the hormones(enzyme and vitamins) needed in organism to keep a certain of proportion of calcium and phosphorus in skelton and promote rapid growth of animals.
in 50 kgs net polywoven bag.